"Stand Back Thunderfuji and I Will Handle This"

Zeus is the King of the Gods and even also Zeus was very most powerful Thunderful God in Olympus City and also Zeus was one of the Big Three in Anicent Greek Mythology his brothers are Poseidon and Hades, He was the last son of Kronos and Rhea

He overthrow Kronos in during the Month of Chaos and also He battles alongside with Thunderfuji, who was the Father of Beracules, Bacchusbolt and Medusasnake and as also Zeus was very willing to help Manny to teach him all of his Thunder God Slayer spells to defeat Drago even but also that He was the leader of Olympic Torch

Zeus ProfileEdit

Name: Zeus Othryson

City: Olympus


Attribute: Olympic Torch

Race: Olympian

Civiliozation: Myth/Light

Clans: Myth

Secondary Clans: Light


Kronos ( Father )

Rhea ( Mother )

Thunderfuji ( Pet )

Hera ( Wife/Sister )

Poseidon and Hades ( Brothers )

Demeter and Hestia ( Sisters )

Ares, Hermes, Apollo, Hephaestus and Dionysus ( Sons )

Athena, Eris, Artemis, Iris, Hebe, Aphrodite, Fortuna and Eileithyia ( Daughters )



Lion Third, Holy Emperor


Episode AppearanceEdit


Thunder God's Wrath - Zeus's main spell