Zamielmon t
"Thank You For Relase Me?! And You Will Gonna Get It, Danjuro!..You Will Be Sorry!"

Zamielmon is Beracules's Arch-Rival from the Nature Realm and also that Zamielmon have faced Gaeason Ashley's Friend Partner, Zamielmon don't care about the Tribes and not even Chief Thorn-Bringer

also He was very greedful and He's was fear of Beracules that He will face him and also Zamielmon was reported by Dark Hydra for not destory the Centurions, and also Zamielmon have alot things in mind to defeat his Arch-Enemy and He's was very useful to fight and also Manny was sure about Beracules fighting him. and also He's was very lucky to get away with anything he do

also He was failed on Dark Hydra to defeat Beracules and He was very mindful to defeat and known to defeat Beracules's sister Medusasnake who was refused to fight with them as teamwork and as also He was defeated by Gaeason

Zamielmon ProfileEdit


City: Winter Park

State: Florida


Attribute: Darkness Army Dragons





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