The Manny Centurions: The Clash Of Kaijudo Wiki

"You Not Moving Out From Kaiju Realm Until We Get The Kaiju Core From That Traitor And His Rangers"

Wendy is one of the main Protagonists in the Manny Centurions: The Clash of Kaijudo. A Life Knight Centurion who always has alot of splendidly, wonderful personality and as so, is loving and caring and also, Wendy treats Asuma's injures on his left leg so well being tought by Red Alert on how to treat others injures in battle or duel and became a top Medic for the Nature Clans. She was protected by Sonic and Shadow for short time from danger.

No one counted on her to do the job. The only friends of Wendy, mostly are Manny and Red Alert who trust her to help people but as also She's was attacked by Spinning Terror in combat and but as that She used Sky Dragon Magic to defeat him as even not work on Spinning Terror and as even also Wendy was protected by the jonins which is Kureani, Kakashi, Might and Asuma but as for that eventually She's became Kaijudo Dragon of Nature even also She is partner of Damama

Wendy did the right thing to overface Spinning Terror that Detroit summoned and also She has her first gauntlet from Toji and her Kaijudo Cards was also given by Master Chavez and even that She was put in Guy's Team with Rock Lee and Neji

Also She was trained as a Imaginator under Life Knight sensei Ambush himself but can be strong will in order to fight in combat unlike other Centurions, Wendy is honest and loving nature to her teammates on defeating Hagoromo but as also her first Water creature was IQ Cloypaedia and even but others found out that She also was Manny's Sister and even that also Wendy was the pliot of the Sky Guardian as that later her main element is Life



??? ( Mother )

Manny, Aaron, ???, ???, ??? and Pogue ( Brothers )

Thalia, Riven, Amaru, ???, ??? and ??? ( Sisters )

Gamma Garcia ( Nephew )

Kurenai Garcia ( Niece )

Yu Garcia ( Niece )

Emmanuela Garcia ( Niece )

Dharc Garcia ( Nephew )

Anna Garcia ( Niece )

Alpha Garcia ( Nephew )

Minevra Garcia ( Niece )

Lyna Garcia ( Niece )


Pteratox, Large Wing Chain



Konayuki, Viral Faerie

Damama, Moja/Mia Damama, Moja ( partner )

Wekapipo, Tatu/Mia Wekapipo, Tatu

Nbaba, Nbibi/Mia Nbaba, Nbibi




Jelly, Dazzling Electro-Princess

Quattrodon, Four Fanged

Dolgazer, Veteran of Hard Battle

Fantasy Heart

Akashic Third, the Electro-Bandit

IQ Cloypaedia, Dragon Symbol

Meden, Sky Dancing Warrior

Akashic Second, Electro-Spirit

Popple, Flowerpetal Dancer

Triprex, Growth King

Wavebreaker Shaman

Saurpio, Ancient King ( for the Judaina, Jurassic Hammer only )

Butssubu Tops, Multilateral Impact ( for the Togetops, Tricera Impact only )

Sasoris, Dragon Edge

Aggressive Kaiser

Borran, the Reality Shaper

Global Rise, Show Must Go-on

Hydrobot Scarab

Borran, the Reality Shaper

Ba'kaar Frostwing

Bad Apple

Bronze-Arm Renegade


Telanar, the Stormer



Oktuska the Infused

Wald Brachio, Absolute World King

Forgotten Chief

Kivu, Ingenious Shaman

Tainted Quartz

Squall Darter

Wavebreaker Tribe

Boulderfist the Pulverizer

The Hive Queen

Terraform, Kenda Magic

Flaming Tree Agon, the Tree Walker

Rahxe Michelange, Spirit Knight

Essence Boar

Prince Avaraldo, Cavalier of Thunder

Dream Creature[]



Wendy uses Light and Nature deck with her Team Damama creatures against her opponent. Also her deck called Revolutionary of Team Damama

Damama, Moja

Nbara, Nbibi

Wekapipo, Tatu

Weiyou, Muji

Ubin De Wanuru

Power of our Friendship!

Mia Damama, Moja

Mia Nbara, Nbibi

Mark of Team Damama

Mia Wekapipo, Tatu

Wachagona, Muen Zangu

Momo Hoja, the Elder of Team Damama

Big Bang Festival Life, D of Revolution

Wild Safari Channel, D of Great Revolution


Lion King's Emblem

Team Damama's Sacred Go!

Bultratops, Leaf Wind Kind

Arige, Bronzekind

Konchi, Foxkind

Amurex, Rainbowkind

Blopress, Blackscalekind

Flag of Team Damama

Rabbicellon, Pure Eyes



X-Girls, Snow Faeries




Episode Appearance[]

Season Appearance[]


Hyperspatial Grip Blue Green Hole - Wendy's main spell

Sky Release - Wisdom Slash - Wendy's Sky spell

Cinder Fist - Wendy's Fire spell

Unison Raid - Wendy's Combine spell

Sky Dragon's Roar - Wendy's Sky spell

Crystal Pulse - Wendy's Water and Nature spell

Crystalize - Wendy's Water and Nature spell

Faerie Double Life, Continuous Chant - Wendy's Nature spell


KaijuMorph: KaijuMorph allows Wendy transform into Kaijudo Centurion Green

Mode Forms[]

  • Doron Go Mode: This mode allows Wendy change into Doron Go Kaijudo Centurion Green, when morphing into an Doron Go Centurion, the user will able to say "KAIJUDO MORPH, DORON GO MODE!" while being transformed to Kaijudo Doron Go Centurions

Dueling Gauntlet:


Wendy's Battle Machines[]

Sky Guardian

Wendy's Dragheart Weapons[]

Judaina, Jurassic Hammer - Wendy's main dragheart weapon

Togetops, Tricera Impact - Wendy's Nature dragheart weapon

Wendy Clan Class Masters[]