"I Know That The Darkness Army Are Attacking The Water Civilization Oh Hellrush Husband What We Would Do?" -Waterfalla

Water Civilization which known as Technoagakure is located in the depths of any sufficiently large body of water, be it a pond, mighty river, lake or ocean. The most centered and naturally peaceful civilization, they often do not start battles, but once roused into a storm, their relentless counter attacks can decimate their foes.

They’re streamlined and highly technological – nearly as much so as the Light Civilization. They exploit microchip technology as well as hydraulics. Because speaking is difficult underwater, many inhabitants use mental telepathy to communicate. And the Water denizens can utilize supersonic/electromagnetic waves, and also the Water Civilization was ruled over by Hellrush Max

Civilization SymbolEdit

Water civilization was known as the Water Clans and also the Water creatures have their powerful techology to defeat the Darkness Army and also their Clan Symbol is the cybernetic wave and also Aaron was in this Class and also the Water Clans can use their Spinjitzu Power to defeat their enemy, and also it was master by Lloyd

Hellrush can use his Spinjitzu to defeat his brother Dark Hydra in Water-Darkness War and also the Water civilizations can use their master of techology to defeat them and also they can use it's power to defeat the Darkness Army for their crime and Hellrush Max banned Dark Hydra for finding the five civilization Stones, They made in Thousands of Years Ago and also the five Stones shows even that Lloyd was the Master of all five Civilizations. See also: Water Clans

Creatures of Water CivilizationsEdit

In the Water civilizations, They have the all Types of Water creatures like Fish, Cyber Lords and Cyber Commands and as also the Water civilizations can share techology with the Light civilization

Waterfalla was very nice to the people of Water civilization to help them with Techology and Weapons was sent to the Light civilization and also Waterfalla and Lighta are good sisters to share races and techology to fight the Darkness Army


The world of Water is half-land, half-sea. Inhabitants, who once lived only in water, have had to learn to adapt to both in their search for sustainable environments.

Because energy resources are more abundant there, cities are built in water. In spite of the oceanic depths, they are clean and bright, well lit by luminous bodies. At the center of the main metropolitan area is the Tower, shaped like a spiraling strand of DNA, where the Cyber Lords float in their cylinders. Surrounding the Tower are transparent buildings, constructed from solidified seawater that can be altered as necessary.

Although not common knowledge, the source of energy for this civilization is found in a hidden ocean current. Those that possess this secret knowledge make up a powerful few.

Inhabitants of the Water civilization worship technology. They prefer study and research to real action, and in wartime depend on strategies and tactics rather than direct attack. Controlled by Cyber Lords, many water creatures have a chip installed in their bodies. They communicate and exchange information telepathically. Those with higher intelligence are able to alter their body shape in response to the environment. They can also manipulate the seawater around them, transforming it into a weapon, armor, clothing, or transportation suitable for land or sea.

Other NameEdit

The Name for the Water Civilization is "Technoagakure" which was meaning The City Hidden In The Cyber Tech Waves and as long Manny knew also what been used for and which that makes to the question but as even that also Jelly said that all every civilizations need names for them as for Hidden Cyber Tech City is the good city name for their Civilization and but also as that reason why the Water Creatures picked that nickname is becuase to be more sea like kind of name


Water creatures know how to learn Cyberology in their Education and as also that the Water civilization need to get their learning to build Technology and Weapons for the Light civilization and shared races and also as that the Water creatures can be smart and active

even as also Jelly likes to study Dragons in the Cyber Lord Academy School and also as that the Council of Logos have been working on their stations in Logos Crops and even also the Education for the Water civilization can be smartest thing to do in their studies

Civilization BannerEdit

Civilization SealEdit


Cherenko Waterbane


Atlanna the Water Civilization Empress - Emperor of the Water Civilization Capital

King Tritonus

Queen Tritonusa

Blue Poseidon, Sea God

Royal FamilyEdit



Jelly Waterbane

Tweet Waterbane

Assembler Waterbane

Meloppe Waterbane

Parlock Waterbane

Marinomancer Waterbane

Cherenko Waterbane

Watera Waterbane

Civilization PopulationEdit


Blue Monster

Cyber Lord

Aqua Champion

Skeleton Kin


Team Tech ( shared with Darkness )


Siren Kin

Oceansplash Dragon

Oceanslash Warrior

Crystal Command Dragon

Cyber Dragon

Cyber Virus

Wavestrike Dragon


Marine Complex

Jellyfish Kin

Aquaroid Folk

Gishki Folk

Cybertech Colossus

Seastorm Hydra ( share with Light )

Mermaid Kin

Waterhollow Phantom

Cyber Sphere ( share with Light )

Earth Eater

Shark Kin


Kraken Kin

Levia Dragon

Gel Fish

Sea Champion

Seabird Kin

Water Tribe Benders


Sea Folk

Gillman Folk

Atlantean Folk

Cyber Bug

Pleisoaian Dragon

Liquid People

Fish Kin ( shared with Wind )

Deep Kin

Cyber Command

Blue Command Dragon


Shark Dragon

Slime Humanoid

Cyber Complex

Cyber Moon

Poseidia Dragon

Liquid People Sen

Cup Kin

Sea Hacker

Splash Queen

NetNavi Kin

Cyber Cluster

Cybertech Satellite

Trench Hunter

Riptide Champion

Evigishki Kin

Undertow Engine

Trench Mecha

Trident Enforcer

Oceanholo Spirit

Amphibian Kin

Tearstrike Dragon


Seastrike Colossus

Tsunami Dragon

Trench Dicer




Cyber Virus Kai

Fusion RacesEdit

Tsunami Armored Dragon


Emmanuel Garcia


Lloyd Garmadon







Beracules Garcia