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Golden Mech[]


Golden Mech is the powerful Mech in history and as also is was being used by Manny to defeat the Darkness Army and even also Golden Mech have most unlimit power to defeat the Dark Hydra

but as even also that the Golden Mech was also being used by Sasha in during the Kaijudoaian War back in 433 B.D and also this Mech is 3000 years old

They could still use it in combat to overcome the Darkness Army in Light-Darkness War and also Manny have the Golden Mech Gauntlet that Toji has gave him to use the Golden Mech to defeat Darkspella even also Golden Mech was store in the Temple of Light

It was being also builded by the two civilizations who built the civilization's most combatting powerful of this kindful such of technology can be used in battle, but the Light and Fire civilization have bulit this mech for years before the war have started and also their tech is so powerful to fight in the battle war combat

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