The Manny Centurions: The Clash Of Kaijudo Wiki


When Kejoro was a child her Mother gave Kino in L. side of Family a response of Kaijudo deck which was so touched by it even after her pet dragon flew away and never return, Kino started playing Kaijudo with Indigo the older sister alongside with her creature partner from Nature civilization Sun-Clan Tortoise who partnered with her before her death

Kino always dreamed about becoming a first female Kaijudo Master on Earth but everyone realized it how She good She is with her hometown in Hidden Sun Village definitely Eon promised to Kino She will be chosen one by the Monks themselves

Master Kyoshi train Kino to get in National Kaijudo League Cup Tournament with her creature but won Kino was given the big trophy for her family on parting of the National Cup of the Kaijudo League pass on later Kino and the other Duelist walking through the Kaiju Realm but She was attacked by her creature partner's Sun-Clan Tortoise family and died so which definitely She became a Yokai