"The Bringer of Justice, The Vanisher of Evil, The Hero To The Demacia"

The Manny Centurions: The Clash of Kaijudo aka "The Manny Demacia Centurions: The Clash of Kaijudo" is the 1st season series was released on August 8th


Thousands of years ago, the five Creatures monarchs where the rulers of the Five Civilizations. When a war between humans and Kaijudo that threatened to destroy the entire world erupted, The Lords banded together with five human wizards to end the war.

The Creature monarchs willingly sacrificed their mana energy so that the original Duel Masters might create the mystical veil that has ever since separated the human and Kaijudo worlds. Drained of almost all their energy, the five monarchs fell in the slumber.

It appears the plan was originally to allow the monarchs to recover their strength and awaken before sending them across the Veil so they might rule their civilization again, but at some point, the Order of the Kaijudo Duel Masters betrayed the monarchs' trust, periodically siphoning off their mana, keeping them in hibernation for millennia. By the time Veil collapses, the Five Creature monarchs will be reawakend and continue what they began Thousands of years, the five humans wizards have to save the Veil World from Evil Darkness Mistress also the five humans will use the mystical powers to defeat these enemies from ruling the Kaijudo World and the Human World.

These five chosen wizards are Manny, Aaron, Hayden, Ashley and Trixie and also with their Royalful creatures are Beracules, Hydrosmith, Rayden, Gaeason and Firebirda and  They will fight Darkspella from her evil massive of Chaos and the heroes will use their mana powers to defeat the massive of evil from the Human World and Kaijudo World and also the both worlds will form in one army