The Manny Centurions: The Clash Of Kaijudo Wiki
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Thousands years ago There was the horrorful war on the anicent planet called Kaijudoa and where all the Kaijudoaians creatures lived in Peace and Honor in their likeful civilizations and the evilness thing was happening upon Kaijudoa

the evil forces try to take the power of the Gold Gauntlet that threatened to destroy the entire world and the Monarchs bond the five humans Wizards to end the war

The Creature Monarchs willingly sacrificed their mana energy so that the original Duel Masters might create the mystical Veil that has ever since separated the human and Kaiju worlds. Drained of almost all their energy, the five Monarchs fell into a deep slumber and It appears the plan was originally to allow the Monarchs to recover their strength and awaken before sending them across the Veil so they might rule their civilization

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and an about Year later after the War of Kaijudoa, the three Legendful masters have their meaningless to bond with the Kaijudoaians creatures

none of the preparers will not have this kind of unanicentful world will able bond between Human and Creature to work as the one army to defeat the evilness power and none of the masters will perfair

and the woman who care for the Kaijudoaians creatures was named Elspeth Tirel that who was caring for the Kaijudoaians in kind way and later She's asks the poorless Kaijudoaians to shared races with her Humankind world and also in ages Elspeth stoned the Kaijudoaian Stone Tablet to show the Kaijudoaians that She's was the protecter of both Veils worlds