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"I Could Beat You In Every Duel In Your Own Game But This Time You Will Grant It"

One-Eyed Jack is the most powerful Duelist in the Darkness Legion and even also Jack have his own mind of battling Manny in Duel combat and He's was very lucky to defeat Manny in Dueling arena and even also Jack can use Water, Darkness and Fire creatures to beat Manny in his own Game

when even as also that Jack was very insure about dueling Manny was his thing to do and even also Master Tiera was there in the Arena with Felix and the rest of his Friends and even as also Jack was defeated by Manny with his powerful Fire creature Bonfire Lizard

One-Eyed Jack Profile[]



Troll, Graffiti Doll

Junkatz, Rabid Doll

Gezary, Undercover Doll

Zabi Barrel Raider, Runaway Puppet

Yapp, Nuisance Doll


Episode Appearance[]