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"No Darkness Kind Will Shall Not Defeat Us But We Will Defeat Them" -Foresta

Nature Civilization which known as Biogogakure is the largest kingdom in the Creature realm, and it threatens to grow larger every day also this expansion causes continuing conflict with the other Civilizations, because the nature of Nature is growth in every direction

also was ruled by Danjuro and also as that Nature civilization creatures are often tribal, with a tendency toward spiritual and shamanistic practices. Not surprisingly, the Nature civilization tends to be more primitive than the others, relying more on brute strength and weaponry found in their surroundings (thorns, vines, shells, poisonous stingers, etc.)

Civilization Symbol[]


Nature civilization was known as the Nature Clans and also the Nature creatures have their powerful damage to defeat the Darkness Army and also their Clan Symbol is the Tree and also Ashley was in this Class and also the Nature Clans can use their Spinjitzu Power to defeat their enemy, and also it was master by Lloyd

Danjuro can use his Spinjitzu to defeat his brother Dark Hydra in Nature-Darkness War and also the Nature civilizations can use their master of Healing to defeat them

They can use it's power to defeat the Darkness Army for their crime and Danjuro banned Dark Hydra for finding the five civilization Stones, They made in Thousands of Years Ago and also the five Stones shows even that Lloyd was the Master of all five Civilizations See also: Nature Clans

Creatures of Nature Civilizations[]



A dense jungle covers the largest continent, home to the Nature civilization. Here in the hot, humid climate, vegetation grows tall and thick and little sunlight is able to penetrate the vast canopy above.

The World Trees have grown so tall and store so much energy, they almost touch the cities in the Light world. Their stored energy has resulted in a distortion of gravity on the Nature world, creating an overpowering gravitational pull. Creatures from other civilizations are unable to function freely in this unrelenting atmosphere.

Although there are many races in this unique ecology, there are no cities and no one race governs. Instead it is a society where "might makes right," and even Beast Folk, the most advanced of the races, possess only a rudimentary level of technology.

To survive the oppressive gravity on this continent, Nature creatures have developed extraordinarily muscular physiques.

The more advanced races practice the art of body tattooing. Designs often represent religious icons, based on their belief in animism or spiritual worship. The most commonly used symbol is an "eye."

In the past, Nature inhabitants paid little attention to the other civilizations. Now the search for more hospitable surroundings by Darkness and Water civilizations poses a serious threat to the Nature lifestyle. Avoidance of inter-civilization war is no longer an option in the struggle for survival.

Other Name[]


In the Nature civilization, The Creatures of the Nature realm need of teaching and learning from their teachers and also the Snow Faerie school is most teachful school in the Nature civilization and also that time Snowa teach her students to use snow magic and even the Education is more passionful to the Nature civilization and more able to learn from their teachers to perform fighting combat

Civilization Banner[]

Civilization Seal[]


Granmarg the Nature Civilization Emperor - Emperor of the Nature Civilization

Royal Family[]



Courtney Naturebringer

Ice Naturebringer

Kachua Naturebringer

Popple Naturebringer

Jasmine Naturebringer

Mad Sakuran Naturebringer

Fifi Naturebringer

Malulu Naturebringer

Ochappi Naturebringer

Aurora Naturebringer


Naturebringer Clan





Wild Veggie ( Tribe )

Civilization Population[]


Balloon Mushroom

Dryad Kin

Pokey Kin

Jurassic Command Dragon

Ogre Enforcer

Mudstomp Giant

Wine Kin

Beast Folk Go

Gaia Champion

Lizard Kin

Earth Lord

Forest Giant

Living Complex

Sylvan Champion

Snow Giant

Earth Champion

Corn Kin

Beast Folk

Jungle Mecha

Shinra Kin

Snow Beast

Madolche Folk

Tree Giant

Cat Folk

Heartlove Dragon

Colony Beetle

Roseflower Dragon

Line Kin

Earth Dragon

Nut Kin

Rock Kin

Turtle Kin

Snake Kin ( shared with Water )

Inca Kin

Emerald Monster

Gaia Command

Spider Kin

Ground Champion

Giant Insect


Bioroid Folk

Raccoon Folk

Rose Kin

Snow Dragon

Primal Champion

Bug Kin

Gardenhulk Dragon

Foreststrike Dragon

Swara Champion

Tomato Kin

Green Command Dragon

Horned Beast

Mystery Totem

Plant Kin ( share with Water )

Amazoness Folk

Earthstrike Colossus

Snow Faerie

Tree Folk

Wild Veggies

Wonder Trick

Koa'ki Kin

Beast Kin


Earthstrike Dragon

Flying Fungus

Living City

Slyph Folk ( share with Light )

Acre Wood Folk


Ape Folk

Wood Sprite

Chipmunk Kin

Snow Sprite

Animal Kin

Spirit Totem

Shaman Folk

Flower Kin

Fiber Complex

Tree Kin

Hedgehog Folk


Minish Kin

Larva Worms

Damkor Kin

Heartlove Bear

Wizard Kin ( shared with Fire )

Lion Kin ( share with Fire and Light )

Smurf Folk ( share with Fire, Darkness and Light )

Snow Faerie Kaze