"I Will Enjoy Here When You Guys Fighting"

Medusasnake is the most fearless Warrior sister in the Team and also She battles aside with her brother Beracules to defeat the Dark Master and even Medusasnake get in fight She was mostful sister to her twin and as also She was the Mother of Minervamon

Medusasnake can fight by force and She's was very lucky that She was fighting the Darkness Corruption and also She was very caring for her sibilings and even also She was the teaser to Beracules for acting like an little child

Medusasnake ProfileEdit

Name: Medusasnake Garcia

City: Winter Park

State: Florida

Affiliations: Kumogakure 100px-Kumogakure Symbol.svg

Attribute: Kaijudo Dragons

Civilization: Nature Nature

Race: Amazoness Folk

Clans: Nature Nature


Manny Garcia ( Owner )

Dervish Garcia, Wararmor Garcia, Nemeanmane Garcia, Ticky Garcia, Rafire Garcia, Hissy Garcia, Ignitus Garcia and Pyromolter Garcia ( Brothers )

Konayua Garcia ( Sister )

Andromeda ( Sister-In-Law )

Melomelody Garcia ( Niece )

Berasurion ( Nephew )

Minervamon Garcia ( Daughter )











Episode AppearanceEdit

Medusasnake RefusedEdit

During their fight with the Darkness Army, Medusasnake was also just watching them fight the Darkness Army and as also Beracules her Brother try to reform her to do something helpful and She did not listen to Beracules, and that what got Beracules upset and as even that Medusasnake was the teaser. and also even She have an crush on Beelzemon that is one of the Fire creature from the Fire Realm and also her Siblings did not see that or fall for that, that their sister was in love with Beelzemon her Prince that She's also likes and also Medusasnake was there for Beelzemon's sacrifice to the Darkness Clans, Medusasnake cries in tears that her Prince is going to sacrifice to the Darkness Army and She run away Heartbroken

No one did not say anything to her and also Master Chavez felt guilty about Medusasnake that her love mate is going to sarcifice to the Darkness Army and as even also She was confront by Master Chavez and also Beelzemon was about to be sarcificed. the unknown mysterious Light and Water creature appears in front of Beezlemon and also Everyone was shocked by this unknown fusion creature

Medusasnake Cries On BeelzemonEdit

Medusasnake Caring For RayEdit

Medusasnake Holding Beelzemon's FeatherEdit

When Manny and his Gang just left the Nature Realm, Medusasnake was holding Beelzemon's Feather and also knew that She's very miss him by without saying goodbye to her, and just like Headstrong Wanderer has said that Beelzemon has betrayed them and When after Beelzemon was turned evil

Medusasnake feel alone without Beelzemon that He was evily betrayed his people of Nature civilization and as long She knew what Headstrong Wanderer has said to her mind "This Feather You Are Holding It Will Give You Great Destiny" and also Medusasnake knew that Headstrong Wanderer was right about Beelzemon's Betrayment and as also Beracules saw that She was alone and also Beracules came and sit next to her and Beracules asked her that She was holding and also Medusasnake told him She was holding a Feather and also Beracules told Medusasnake that She was holding the Feather for keeping and also Medusasnake told Beracules that the Feather will give her great destiny and also Beracules asked her who told her and She told him that their mother told her and also Beracules heard this about their mother told her that Beelzemon's feather will gave her great destiny

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