Ice devils symbol by mika444-d6njxkz
Ice Devils is the Ice Type attributes who was lead by Elsa in the Hidden Snow City and as that also the Ice Devils is more painful attributes in the world but was stated by Lucy who knew that these nasty cruel Snow City attribute able not care about others pastlife

and also Elsa led this attribute after her sister frozen as ice because of this pain but they use ice spells which been also stated by Master Resse and even for that Manny and his company try stopped the Ice Nobles from shooting them

but also not it was reveal Olaf told Manny that Elsa was the one created him first before Mashmallow was also being made but also Olaf told them that He was part of Ice Devils in the past before her sister Anna was frozen by Fubuki Kakuyoku later in his life years and also as that Ice Devils was defeated by Blue Pegasus


Elsa ( Leader )


Other Ice Devils Mages