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"I Not Criminal Officer....Am I Blackie?"

Flare is the most unlooking member in Raven Tail attribute but as also She use her Hair spells to defeat the enemies in battle as that it happens Flare has a Human Baku named Hibiki, Explosive Mirror as her partner for even for also She was being threated by Alexei who was being issued her failure and also as that Flare just able to defeat Manny in the games but not

and also Flare try to hold Manny off from Sasha an make such pity love to him but also She raised a daughter named Fornax who was part her family of Raven Tail attributes but Flare was always kind, caring and loving towards others and her enemies which will be Manny who calling him Blackie all time when He and his Gang comes but was defeated by Thaila and as even also Flare was an pliot of the Fire Vulture

Flare Profile[]


Emmanuel Garcia ( Lover )

Fornax Corona-Garcia ( Daughter )



Hibiki, Explosive Mirror ( partner )

Evinbee, Intercept Guardian


Episode Appearance[]

Flare's Battle Machines[]

Fire Vulture