"You Big Meanie!? Take That?! Meep Meep!?"

Firebirda is the most loveful tiny Fire Bird in the Centurion Team and as also Firebirda cares about her Teammates and also She's battle alongside with her owner Trixie to fight the Darkness Corruption and also Firebirda was very lucky to fight aside with Rayden

Firebirda have alot things in common and also for her attacks was very madful and also She can able to fly on the enemy and attacks them with full power of fire

Firebirda ProfileEdit

Name: Firebirda Hayden

City: Winter Park

State: Florida


Civilization: Fire Fire

Race: Fire Bird

Clans: Fire Fire


Trixie Hayden ( Owner )

Ghostbelly Hayden ( Brother )


Episode AppearanceEdit

Darkspella Claim The Gold Gauntlet To Destory The WorldEdit

Firebirda Made Some Lupia FriendsEdit