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"Did I Ask To Duel My Trusted Duelist Well Did I Kanzai?"

Eternal Haven was a ruler of entire Light Civilization and wielder of the Heart of Light but as also not after She fell into slumber to siphoning off mana by making new Veil as that even also Eternal Haven was did knew that Zakira was bullied Manny that his father was a fool to duel him in Kaijudo which makes Eternal Haven mad what has Zakira has said about his father and as that She was the council leader of the Monarch Council

but also She was not please with it that Zakira say that to Manny and also She knows his Mother for long time in pastlife and even as that also happen She hid Manny and his Mother from Zakira's attack on Sun City and her Elites to stop him but not when his Father and Shobu's Father duel him in Kaijudo after that Eternal Haven have protected Manny and his Mother for more then years right before Zakira destroyed Hidden Sun City as that even also Eternal Haven is the leader of Seraph Haven attributes and even also before the Vortex event She gave Manny the Heart of Light to control just even Shawn, The Rangers and the Fusion Fighters was being demonstrated for their actions her advocate of the Light realm is Commissar Soris, but and even it revealed that Shawn was her nephew

Eternal Haven Profile[]


Sorano ( Adoptive Daughter )

Dumar ( Son )

Shine Valkyrie ( Daughter )










Yokaia Monarchson ( Half-Sister )

Digitala Monarchson ( Half-Sister )





Haven's Elite

Fornax, the Juggernaut

Hydrus the Oathbound

Cyborg Samurai

The Arbiter

Mist Gias, Gaia's Swordcerer

Olaswan, Knight of Gaia

Ribbideis Saburo

Turquoise Kraken, Holy Machine

Kingdom Geolg, Super Gaia


General Dorzim

Commissar Soris

Di, Seven Extremes

Naitoru, Patron Ball

Kujon, Invader




Sido, Time 3

Fasola, Time 2

Miracle Star, Heaven Revolutionary Knight Emperor

Colorful Bell, Great Sound




Light Civilization Legionnaire Squad


Emmanuel Garcia


Shine Woman

Yu Polarian Othryson Garcia




Eternal Haven uses Light civilization deck. her deck was called The Law of Light Civilization., and also Eternal Haven added the allied and enemy Multi-Civilization creatures and a D2 Field card to her deck

Hydrus the Oathbound

Lyra, the Blazing Sun 

Regent Sasha x4

The Arbiter

Blinder Beetle x5

Stalker Sphere x2

Mark of Eternal Haven

Spark Cage x3

Blade Barrier

Logic Cube x4

Haven's Command

Nimbus Scout x6


Vectro Scout x4

Photon Weaver x7

Lux x2

Eye Spy x2

Eternal Haven

Spire Zealot x4

Detain x4

Restian x2

Keeper of Laws

Starwing x10


Prism-Blade Enforcer

Commissar Soris x8

Ra-Vu the Indomitable

Sunmote Field x9

Seer Serpent

Recharge x5

Magistrate Jazuri

Stormspark Blast x3

Haven's Elite x7

Caelum Skysworn X2

Orbital Observer x5

General Dorzim

Cassiopeia Starborn

Virtuous Alcadeus

Radiant, the Lawbringer

Saracon, Storm Dynamo

Elevan the Seeker

Memroy Keeper

Wave Lancer

Aqua Strider

Skyvolt Mech

Truthseeker Forion

Panopter x3

Choten's Stalker Sphere

Cetus the Augur

Gilded Archon

Luminer Unleashed


Fallen Keeper x7

Wave Keeper

Piercing Judgment

Sky Shark

Sunspout Quartz

Crusader Engine

Flamewing Phoenix

Solstar Commander

Dragon Knight Volaron

Major Ao

Axos the Avenger

Bodyguard Vorg

Drakomech Commander


Prototype Gunship

Plasma Pincer

Dawnblaze Patrol

Starforge Quartz

Crash and Burn

Volcano Dervish

Metal Max x2

Blitzer-Mech Falkora


Fullmetal Lemon

Stratus Beetle

Dawnflower Quartz

Beam Bloom x5

Brave Shalloteer x6

Elder Titan Auralia

Hunter Sphere

Oathsworn Call

Suncloak Protector x4

Sword Horned

Fornax, the Juggernaut

Guardian Akhal-Teek

Starseed Squadron x4

Wild Sky Sword

Blade Seer

Chief Toko

Shaman of the Vigil

Battlebred Defender

Humonculon the Blaster

Radiant Blinderhorn

Pakidamo the Resilient

Ulphonas, Feindish Overlord

Death Liger the Justicar

Corvus Dragon

Serpens, the Spirit Shifter

Veil Stalker

Twilight Archon

Dark-Seer Jurlon

Twilight Worm

Zoltara the Mercenary

Lamp-Lighter x8

Eye of Inquisiton x2

Spire Widow x2

Mad Watcher

Tar Gusher

Calamity Bell

Lost Patorl

Stingwing x5

Sprie Puppet

Panic and Disorder

Glimmergloom Quartz

Holy Chamber Dome, Field of M

Eternal Haven uses a Angel Command Dragon deck to duel against Manny but Sasha watched them for any of the reasons, her deck was named Arise! Justice Dragons!


Episode Appearance[]

Manny Joined The League[]


Heart of Light.png

Heart of Light: Heart of Light allows Eternal Haven to summon the Light creature in battle combat in range when using it, Sasha stated that the Heart of Light will be used for good but also not evil and as it happen Manny have the Heart was can be put inside of his body to summon the Light creatures wisely

but also the Heart's power, Eternal Haven can use it to blast up enemies in amount of damage as the one in combat even when while it blasts the enemy, it gave the users feel no matter where Light creatures at but for that and as being the Leader of Kaijudo Centurions, Manny was more loyal to Eternal Haven then Shawn and also when not He and his Rangers stoles other four artifacts which is Sword, Helm, Shield and the Cloak

just it happen Black Phantom witness that Shawn stole the artifacts not him but Levia called him a thief by even was before Haven could demonstrated the Rangers for their actions, Manny can't turst his former attributes Shawn's Rangers anymore for not making him as the leader of the Rangers which was been taken by Shawn himself but also while Manny and his friends won the war against Fusion Fighters, Shawn and his Rangers steal the four artifacts from the Temple whic that even also is Sword of the Fiery Cataclysm, Shield of Unity, Cloak of Dark Illusion and the Helm of Ultimate Technology during the event of the Vortex also as for that this artifact as been studied by Nex


Detain - Eternal Haven's main spell

Restrain - Eternal Haven's Light spell

Heaven's Eye - Eternal Haven's Eye spell

Take Over: Eternal Haven, Angelic Liege - Eternal Haven's Take Over spell

Oathsworn Call - Eternal Haven's Light and Nature spell