"The Light Of The Furious" -Manny's Offical Catchphase

Emmanuel is one of the main Protagonists in The Manny Centurions:The Clash of Kaijudo. Light Swashbuckler Centurion and Leader of the Imaginators fight the Villainy on their behalf of the crimes but also everyone in the Kaijudo City knows Manny as the "Professional Kaijudo Duelist" even also He was very actful to other members in the Team

and even as also He battles alongside with his pet creature Dervish and even that as also Manny have of alot in common to a next Raikage in the Hidden Cloud City but as for that eventually He's became Kaijudo Dragon of Light in the Kaijudo Duel Masters but and also Manny was the husband of Sejuani and the father of twelve kids

even which that Manny was being called "The Elder of Every Solution" which been that Vi always calls him who treated him as big sister in kind personality but also He duels his opponents in by playing cards with his Light, Water, Darkness and Fire deck and but no other of his opponents can't defeat him in cards game of Kaijudo to deal with his enemies that He faced in combat and but that also his exceed is Valier who was royal to him as his pet

As so He was trained as Imaginator under his half cousin who is Light Swashbuckler sensei Aurora in order to beat Hagoromo and the Invader Army sometimes now also as that Manny always eat Tic Tac Mints to think and gave him the brains to do it when He have a idea of dueling strategies, dueling against creatures and even knowing his opponent's weaknesses by in the battle combats and as also Manny has only two Lightning students which is Sonic and Tails but that He's cares for his friends and allies to be there for him in combat but so on fourth He became Light Sorcerer Sensei

also Manny was the great duelist for Master Tiera's class for also Manny can outsmart the villains very easy to pull a prank on those nasty badfulness villains even also his partner is Doremi and as that He did anything could do to save Earth and Kaijudoa from any chaos that Darkspella does to destroy the both worlds and even but also by that time, Manny's goal to face his former leader for not making him a leader of his own Kaijudo Team


Emmanuel ProfileEdit

Name: Emmanuel Garcia

Affiliation: The Great Diamond Authority (formally)/Aurora/Imaginator Centurions/Revolutionary Revolutionary/Haven Empire HavenEmpireFlag

Faction: Demacia Demacia Crest

Class: Swashbuckler Swashbuckler symbol

Centurion Class: Huppermage Huppermage

Element: Light LightSymbolSkylanders

Attribute: Kaijudo Kairos Dragons Kaijudo Dragons Season 7 Banner

Team: Team Manny

Civilization: Light Light/Water Water/Darkness Darkness/Fire Fire/Zero/Joker

Tribe: Mysterious MysteriousTribeCrest/Slippery SlipperyTribeCrest/Eerie EerieTribeCrest/Charming CharmingTribeCrest


Lightning, Beau, Angel, Aquasea, Brighta, Spiraly, Valier and Jibanyan ( Pets )






Kushina, ???, ???, Mikoto ( Half-Aunts )

Cassim, Eon, Tom, Valdek ( Half-Uncles )

Aaron, Gajeel, Talon, Tobias, Soarin and Pogue ( Half-Brothers )

Thalia, Wendy, Amaru, Samatha, Spitfire, Fleetfoot, ???, ???, Kino, Enpi and Riven ( Half-Sisters )

Sejuani ( Wife )

Sejua'mana ( Daughter )

Mejuani ( Daughter )

Gamma Garcia ( Son )

Yu Garcia ( Daughter )

Kurenai Garcia ( Daughter )

Anna Garcia ( Daughter )

Alpha Garcia ( Son )

Dharc Garcia ( Son )

Lyna Garcia ( Daughter )

Rainbow Dash Garcia ( Daughter )

Twilight Sparkle Garcia ( Daughter )



Iris Garcia ( Niece )

Iaron Garcia ( Niece )

Gogue Garcia ( Niece )

Rakdoa Garcia ( Niece )

Erza Garcia II ( Niece )


Fiona ( Sister-In-Law )

Queen Bornhail ( Mother-In-Law )

Ashe ( Sister-In-Law )

Lissandra ( Sister-In-Law )

Chill ( Sister-In-Law )

Locke ( Brother-In-Law )

Ashe'mere ( Niece )







Quinn ( Daughter-In-Law )

Quinn Garcia ( Granddaughter )

Yukino Garcia ( Granddaughter )

Jarvan Garcia V ( Grandson )

Calu Sparkle Garcia ( Grandson )

Gruk ( Daughter-In-Law )






Pearl ( Handmaid; his Teammate )

Garnet ( Handmaid: his Teammate )

Whisper and Alfred ( Butlers )



Udyr ( Bodyguard )

Olaf ( Bodyguard )

Volibear ( Bodyguard )

Amethyst ( Handmaid; his Teammate )

Pearla ( Handmaid; also his Dueling Manger )

Garneta ( Handmaid )

Amethysta ( Handmaid )

Helen ( Follower )

Justice ( Follower )

Yohdel ( Follower )


Fulomairam, Protection Dragon Elemental







Parnter CreaturesEdit





Tulk, the Oracle ( partner since as a Acolyte )

Doremi, Time 1/Doremi Twelve, Time 1/???/Haven Doremi, Time 1 ( partner )

Fasola, Time 2/Fasola Twelve, Time 2/???

Sido, Time 3/Sido Twelve, Time 3 /???

Belufare, Time Palace/Belufare, Great Cathedral/Belufare, Starlight's Melody

Colorful Bell, Great Sound

Miracle Star, Heaven Revolutionary Knight Emperor/???

Rafululu, Sound Faerie

Miradante Twelve, Time Pope/???

Dorodoro Gekikarekara Curryban, Passion Dragon

Dekodekko Dekorianu Pikkappikka III, Brave Dragon Elemental

Clap, Defender of Hope

Volcano Dervish

Light Mystic

Moorna the Vengeful

Don Kinoff, Mystic Light Doll

Evol Dogiragon

Perseus Dragon

Rhino, Go Straight

Hydrobot Crab

Guacamole Gunner

Pu Fibonacci, Dragment Symbol

Patter Patter Butterfly

Flame Serpent

Tb Dorodouble Bros., Dragment Symbol

Zaborg the Light Civilization Emperor

Shield Pierce, Blue Divine Dragon

Drakomech Commander

Tatsurion the Unchained

Krakus the Dominator

Riccoshot, Thunder Hercules Beetle

Skysite, the Storm Spinner

Dragon Knight Volaron

Aqua Surfer Fertil

Ryusei, Ex Revolver


Necrodragon Abzo Dolba

Blade-Rush Wyvern

Aries, the Ram

Ragmatox, Poison Class

Tyrant Dairanto, Passion Dragon

Rio Lentis, Ruby Guardian

Kalorth, Lord of Tides

Necrodragon of Vile Ichor

Ultra Knight Punk, Shentury

Dravita, Temporal Pressure Spirit

Halsa, the Great Enigma

Steel Meteor Pengkaiser

Proton, the Original God

Gulan Berze, Poseidon Destroying Dragon

Lahsa, Vizier of Combined Lights

Miezou, Dancing Lion Faerie

Swirlx the Swirler

Concorde, Valkyrie Earth


Refrain Abyss, Blue Divine Dragon

Cosmo, Aqua Superman

Boost, Crimson Lord


Immortal Baron, Vorg

Za Yes, Light Divine Dragon

Evekis, Light Divine Dragon

Sasha, Channeler of Light

Lockdown Lizard

Axos the Avenger

Fire Mystic

Blitzer-Mech Falkora

Forte, Brave Fear Lord

Emperor Quazla

Nature Mystic

Nastasha, Channeler of Suns

Crimson Lion God, the Roaring Flame

Reef Prince Glu-urrgle

Napalmion the Conquering

Schuka, Duke of Amnesia

Water Mystic

Omega, Oracle Jewel

Gemini Dragon

Romanesk, the Dragon Wizard

Almeric, Spirit of Prophecy

Notre Dame, Vizier of Illusion Shield

Skyvolt Mech

Heraldry Crest, Number 69 Unit

Assault Dragon

Radius, Half Moon Dragon

Bad Apple

Gauntlet Launcher, the Gauntlet Mecha

Beyond the Hope, Number 39 Unit

Caladorius, Apocalyptic Beast

Orion, Radiant Fury

Five Star, Spirit of Luck

Shock Master, Number 16 Unit

Chronomaly Atlandis, Number 6 Unit

Lucky Straight, Number 7 Unit

Utopia One, Number S 39 Unit

Heraldic King Genom-Heritage, Number 8 Unit

Dyson Sphere, Number 9 Unit

Force Focus, Number 25 Unit

Chronomaly Fork Hyuk, Number 36 Unit

Tri-Head Dust Dragon, Number 57 Unit

Aless, the Oracle

Shamoji Soldier, Number 63 Unit


Thunder Spark Dragon, Number 91 Unit

Wisp Howler, Shadow of Tears

Tar Gusher

Untouchable Powered, the Awakened Protean

Perfect Galaxy, Spirit of Immortality

Dorado, Golden Dragon

Cut Cake, Evil Guidance of Heaven Descent


Bolmeteus "Kensei" Dragon

Bulgluf, the Spydroid

Harry Hawk of Gust

Illumiknight, Number 10 Unit

Heraldic Progenitor Plain-Coat, Number 18 Unit

Chronomaly Machu Mech, Number 33 Unit

Utopia, Number 39 Unit

Utopia Roots, Number 39 Unit

La Tayu, the Oracle

Codename Orewaleo

Blizarrd Princess the Macer

Sky Force, Blue Divine Dragon

Captain Million-Parts

Chai and Silk, Familia's Light Machine

Fuuta Dragoon, the Untamed Flame

Falconer, Lightfang Ninja

Royal Durian

Darkness Romanoff, the Enlightened

Mad Romanoff, the Wicked God

Burner Viser, Number 58 Unit

Blizzed the Ice Bird

Ulcelios, Spirit of the Holy Core

Griffin Sunflame

Dawnblaze Patrol

Crusher Glove, the Pincer

Peru Pere, Viral Guardian

Aqua Bouncer

Darkness Mystic

Overlos, Flame Gaia Angel

Aerosguin the Aerocrafter

Bolshack Gil Cross NEX

Rage Buckle, Strong-armed Fairy

Lady Fire, Fire Fortune

Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, Number 62 Unit

Deis Rigel, Persistent Flame

Langren, the Lone Wolf

Hikari, Light Fotune Fairy

Slifer, Sky Dragon of Osiris

Scissor Hands, Shadow of Cutting

Wonder Pink, Queen of Rage

Jarbala Keeper

Gallypay the Demonic Blade

Rose Dragon

Lady Light, Light Fortune

Supernova Mars Disaster

Melcap, the Mutant Explorer

Joan of Arc, Goddess of Ruin

Fuzzy Fizz

Shoegazer, Bright Deity

Firecyber Sunhell

Saracon, Storm Dynamo

Volcasaurus, Number 61 Unit

Metafiction, Ruler of Fiction

Bolshack Möbius, Victory Awakened

Bilifen the Explosion

Cheuxvelt, the Awakened Demon Spirit

Jesus Mary Chain, True Flashing Right God

Vinogoat, Protection Spirit

Justice, Lord of Spirits Left God

Armored Blaster Valdios

Una Arana, Neptune Spirit

Raiden, Lightfang Ninja

Sonic, Lightfang Ninja

Gaga Alcadeias, Lord of Enslaved Spirits

Deadfall the Storm Faller

Gonta, the Warrior Savage

Mervamon, Honey Land Amazon

Battle the Climax, Zenith of "Victory"

Algros Crusos, Super Divine Dragon

Untouchable, Temporal Hero

Rieille, the Oracle

Enter the Shovel, Excavator Device

Fullmetal Lemon

Ral Absober, Light Divine Dragon

Rumblesaur Q

Piara Heart

Crusader Engine

Starseed Squadron

Dawnflower Quartz

Truename Nuts Spaghettino

Vanilla Giant

Ra-Vu, Seeker of Lightning

Topaz Tiger ( for the Yellow Sol Emerald only )

Baradios, Lord of Dragon Spirits ( for the Heaven's Arm Sword only )

Ultimate Galaxy Universe

Square Pusher, Fantasy Left God

Voyager, the Paladin

Great Hercules, Giant Insect

Elevan the Seeker

Cyclone Clear, Clothing Cleaner

Odin the Father of Aesir

Numeron Dragon, Number 100 Unit

Dragluon, Number 46 Unit

Nirvana, Spirit Knight Right God

Mustang, Royal Destroyer

Cheval, Temporal Demon Spirit

Sonkun, the Blazing Meteor

Volcanic Zaurus

Aines Gazelle, Spirit of Dashing Wind

Strokes, Explosive Right God

Katsudon, Kung Fu Dragon

Sunspout Quartz

Aegis, Sage of Fire and Lightning

Golden Wing Striker

Michaelangelo, Cosmo Beauty

Valkyrie "Windbreaker" Dragon

Black Feather, Shadow of Rage

Kiramaru, Great Miracle

Kronax the Brutal

Majestic Star, the Electro-Apocalyptic

Minelord Skyterror

Mamocannon, Saint Mecha

Rothus, the Traveler

Megagyoron, Graveyard Guardian

Cyber Queen, Super Hacker

Fortune Tune, Number 49 Unit

Sky Pegasus, Number 44 Unit

Gaga Naos, Steel Cyclops

Ocean G Hogan, the Best Awakened

Gaga Packun, Io Enforcer

Osmosis Bullet Soul Skull Hunter

Magmadragon Balga Geyser

Javier Nature

Destruction Destroyer, Infinite King

Vampire Silphy

White TENMTH Kaiser

Red ABYTHEN Kaiser

Gaga Cancer, Spirit Knight

Dia Nork, Moonlight Guardian

Jose Wilbert, Gaia's Justice

Cheval Flute, of the Temporal Foundation

Armored Warrior Quelos

Buinbe, Airspace Guardian

Wacon, Vizier of Arms

Kolon, the Oracle

Saint Bolshack, Spiritual Dragon

Magmadragon Melgars

Chakra, Temporal Thunder Dragon

Athena, Wisdom Patroness

King Depthcon

Planet Phystachio, Apocalyptic Dragonic Spirit

Spell Great Blue, Blue Divine Dragon

Octobot Infiltrator

Drill Rex, Soul Weapon Knight

Binge-Eating Giant

Tatebue Yahho, Holy Heaven Guardian

Glaris, Electro-Spirit

Reesa, Spirit of Infinity

Infinite Ingmar, the Mobile Spirit

Celeste, Explosive Enforcer

Jelly, Dazzling Electro-Princess

Terradragon Lightning Rhythm

Back to the Ore, Zenith of "Ten Tail"

Wine Red Dragoon

Shining Edge, Light Divine Dragon

Aura Pegasus, Avatar of Life

Aqua Naruto Surfer

Utopia Ever, Zenith of "Destruction"

Ferrosaturn, Spectral Knight

Heaven Eleven Type 8210, Spirit of Reversal

Supernova Venus la Saint Mother

Supernova Apollonus Dragerion

Death Liger, Lion of Chaos

Rising NEX, the Enlightened

Supernova Black Hole Thanatos

Hades, Emperor of Death

Serpens, the Spirit Shifter

Gaga Theta, Seeker of Wisdom

Manly Pepper

Fullmetal Lemon, Brave King Mecha

Mobile Stronghold Plamilion

Cyber Robo Diecrusher

Truename Excited Chappurun

Zardia, Spirit of Bloody Winds

Banga, the Explorer

Mystery Hippo

Necrodragon Daft Head

Bonfire Lizard

Marauder Deis Drive

Athena, the Athens Founder

Thor the Mighty Aesir

Dark Jios, Lord of Dark Dragons

Rose Worm, Avenging Insect

Terradragon Geobreed

Fatal Spiral, Infinite Dragon

Star-Cry Dragon

Omega Ultimate, Light Divine Dragon

Demotory the 5th, Demonic Eyed Death Dragon

Necrodragon Purple Rumble

Velyrika Dragon

Veil Babylonia, Blue Divine Dragon

Necrodragon Gilgazames

Spell Del Fin, Light Divine Dragon

Super Terradragon Bailas Gale

Achoppi Chonan

Messa Bahna, Expanse Guardian

Amanes, Avenging Spirit

Spectryte, Crystal Gaia

Bari Bari Miracle

Five Dimensional Rhodolite

Ultra Miracluppi

Miracle Rumba

Gaial Ore Dragon, the Vainglory ( in Vainglory Mode only )

Victorious Meteor Kaiser

Victorious Pudding Pudding

Victorious Gaial Kaiser

Perfect Earth, Planetary Dragon

Greatest Earth, Planetary Dragon

Infinite Orchestra of Love

Zephys, Gaia's Godly General

Diana, Temporal Brave

El Diana, the Awakened Flash

Jet Mervamon the Sky Jet Honeyland Amazon

Kokushimuso Kaiser "Sho x Katsu"

Ralbin of Pop Mountain

Galaxy Operation Theta, the Super Enlightened

Valhait, Lucky Dragon Elemental

Ultimaria, Divine Dragon Elemental ( for the Urovelia, Divine Dragon Spear only )

Chakra, Temporal Thunder Dragon

Gaiginga Soul, Star Dragon Solution ( for the Protoheart, Galaxy Sword only )

Great Chakra, the Storm Awakened

Everlast, Destiny King ( for the Perfect, Immortal Lance only )

Q.E.D., Dragon Elemental King ( for the Evidence, Truth Gun only )

Saurpio, Ancient King ( for the Judaina, Jurassic Hammer only )

Deathshiraz, Demonic Corrupt King ( for the Go To Hell, Annihilator Blade only )

Little Big Horn, Passion Dragon ( for the Glee Gee Horn, Passion Sword only )

Butssubu Tops, Multilateral Impact ( for the Togatops, Tricera Impact only )

Nb Leibniz, Dragment Symbol ( for the Multiplay, Double Dragon Gun only )

Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon ( for the Gaiheart, Galaxy Sword only )

Doclald, Misfortune Demon Dragon ( for the Discald, Misfortune Demon Sickle only )

Everrose, Dragon Edge

Solstar Commander

Mini Titan Gett

Wreck Mech

Kolus, Soulshine Enforcer

Michaela Jenne, Miss Universe

Robin Mikeran Global, Friends Power

Dream Pirate

HEIKE Double Cross, Spirit of Gaga

Forgelord Vesuvius

Krazzix the Volatile

Ninja Pumpkin

Plasma Pincer

Giragira Dogatts, Ultra Passion

La Rose Blouet, Blue Flower Dragon Elemental

Altgear, Spirit of Holy Weaponry


Thunderaxe Shaman

Corporal Pepper

Cindermoss Quartz

Armored Interceptor Bright

Diamond Aven, Spirit of Awakening

Gilaflame the Assaulter


Superia-Citadel Militia

Cyborg Samurai

Driftblade 2.0, the Storm Drifter

Squillace Scourge

Descartes Q, Logic Hero

Volt Striker

Warped Seeray

Cetus the Augur

Nivarex the Unquenchable

Jangaljan, Firespirit Beetle

Sphere, the Oracle

D'Arc-en-Ciel, Holy Spear Dragon Elemental

Jackpot Batoriser


Nb Leibniz, Dragment Symbol

Tatsurion, Seeker of Lightning

Lionel, Lion Zenith Dragon

Mighty Shouter, the Shaman

Mighty Sasha, Chanceller of Light

Eternal Haven, World Monarch

Raging Goliant

Manny Doremi Redo Time 1, Startastic Team Doremi Enforcer ( fused with Doremi )



Dream CreatureEdit




Tar Hyren





Jibanyan ( partner )







Castelius Max
















Metal Sonic






Vector Crocodile







Manny uses Light, Water, Darkness and Fire civilizations deck. and also his deck was called Blazing Wave Storm, but also in the episode "Quest For Ancient Creatures " Manny has added a Ancient Creature to his deck.

  • Caelum Skysworn
  • Sasha the Observer
  • Garatyano ( given by Master Nadia )
  • Hypnobot
  • Radiant Purification
  • Sunstrike
  • Jetflame Bodyguard x3
  • Prism-Blade Enforcer
  • Lightning Sniper
  • Sunwhip Sentry
  • Sunstorm Dreadnought
  • Caius of Cloud Legion
  • Starwing x2
  • Helios Rings x3
  • The Mystic of Fire
  • Lars, Virtuous Imager
  • Spire Zealot
  • Zone Defense
  • Mark of Eternal Haven
  • Keeper of Laws
  • Grand Gure, Tower Keeper
  • Metal Max x2
  • Saucer-Head Shark
  • Flame-Vent Diver
  • Beliqua the Ascender
  • Badlands Lizard
  • Burnclaw the Relentless
  • Containment Field
  • Cliffcutter x3
  • Shimmerwing x2
  • Scaled Impaler
  • Paladio, Patrol Leader
  • Halo Hawk x3
  • Om Nom Nom
  • Flame Spinner x3
  • Crash and Burn
  • Vorg x3
  • Pyro Trooper
  • Dawnblaze Patrol
  • Regroup
  • Kenina
  • Gemini Dragon
  • Little Hissy
  • Blade Barrier
  • Rain-Cloud Kraken
  • Volcano Dervish
  • Blade-Rush Wyvern x2
  • Stonesaur
  • Orion, Radiant Fury
  • Blastforge Bruiser
  • Hyperspeed Dragon
  • Astinos, the Cloud Knight
  • Rock Bite
  • Solar Helix
  • Jump Jets
  • Bagash x3
  • Spellbane Dragon
  • Drill Storm x4
  • Redscale Drakon
  • Thunder Reaper x2
  • Assault Dragon
  • Drakon Warchief x3
  • Twin-Cannon Maelstrom x2
  • Hammer Fist x3
  • Scalding Surge
  • Photon Squad x3
  • Aqua Strider x3
  • Blaze Belcher
  • Blastforge Dragon
  • Reef Prince Glu-urrgle
  • Halon, Paragon of Light x2
  • Fumes
  • Wave Lancer
  • Blastforge Captain x2
  • Toolbot x5
  • Meteosaur x2
  • Heat Seekers x4
  • Current Charger
  • Bodyguard Vorg
  • Storm Seeker x2
  • Covering Fire
  • Vectro Scout x2
  • Gunwing Dragon x4
  • Recharge
  • The Mystic of Water
  • Mark of Infernus
  • Perimeter Drone
  • Thunder Cruiser
  • King Bullfang
  • Moorna, Gatling Dragon
  • Grave Scrounger
  • Strobe Flash x2
  • Skeeter Swarmer
  • Drakon Weaponsmith x2
  • Dragon's Breath
  • Starforge Quartz
  • Keeper of Clouds x2
  • Luminar
  • Spark Cage
  • Defense Mode x3
  • Magistrate Jazuri
  • Citadel Steward x2
  • Sunshock
  • Chaotic Skyterror x4
  • Flame Serpent
  • King Pontias
  • Magris the Magnetizer
  • Steam Star Grapplog
  • Dorado, Golden Dragon
  • Lux
  • Sun-Stalk Seed x3
  • Predict
  • Reflector Cannon
  • Bolgash Dragon
  • Piercing Judgment
  • Memory Keeper x 2
  • Blinder Beetle x2
  • Kolani, Dragon Oracle
  • Quakes the Unclean
  • Mar-Blurpa the Weaponsmith
  • Halon x2
  • Keeper of Dawn
  • Scaradorable of Gloom Hollow
  • Branca the Treacherous
  • Bolshack Dragon
  • Aurora Valkyrie x3
  • Cloudwalker Drone x3
  • The Mystic of Light
  • Orbital Observer x2
  • Argus, Vigilant Seer x4
  • Jet-Thrust Darter x3
  • Arachnopod x2
  • Simian Trooper Grash
  • Sergeant Maddox
  • Dragilde the Swiftest
  • Haven's Command
  • Chasm Entangler x4
  • Jade Monitor x4
  • Stormspark Blast
  • Blaze Helix
  • Rygar the Tank
  • Starlight Strategist
  • Dark Return
  • Absolute Incineration
  • Twilight Commander
  • Herald of Infernus
  • Hover-Talon
  • Canyon Skimmer x5
  • Plasma Pincer
  • Stalker Sphere x2
  • Explosive Infantry x3
  • Sunsporut Quartz
  • Shock Sentinel
  • Crusader Engine
  • Lavanator 3000
  • Neural Helix
  • Solstar Commander
  • Blinder Beetle
  • Haven's Elite
  • Keeper of Dawn
  • Ancient Keeper
  • Scroll Orb
  • Eternal Haven
  • Aerial Arcavore
  • Salvation Reckoner
  • Bolshack Dragon
  • Cyber Trooper
  • Memory Keeper x2
  • Skyvolt Mech
  • Halon
  • Andromeda of the Citadel
  • Meteor Rider
  • Reef-Eye
  • Skycrusher's Elite
  • Artillery Dragon
  • Dragon Engine Glu-urrgle
  • Raptor-Ace Valko
  • Super Bazooka Volcanodon
  • Raging Firebrand
  • Blastforge Slaver
  • Branca the Treacherous
  • Gilaflame The Assaulter
  • Infernus The Immolator
  • Iceblade
  • Draxar, the Soul Crusher
  • Buoyant Blowfish
  • Metroplex Scout
  • Hammer Dragon Foulbyrn
  • Geoshine, Spectral Knight
  • Whithing Bone Ghoul x2
  • Gregoria the Malevolent
  • Necrodragon of Vile Ichor
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

During the episode, Manny come home He, Whisper and Jibanyan discover that which He brought from Mall you right is the Yokai Cards is one of great of all which They seen before but as well the toned voice call to him to play a card game

even so Manny uses Charming and Shady deck. It appears for first time in the episode "The Yokai Cards Discovery" also his deck will be called Shaded Heart

  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???
  • ???

Manny uses Team Doremi deck. Manny started playing Kaijudo ever since 10 years experience He duel Nurarihyon his grandfather and won but so Doremi found his destiny of dueling alongside him to become Kaijudo Duel Master then everyone else like before, his deck name was Shining Music! Team Doremi!

Doremi, Time 1

Fasola, Time 2

Sido, Time 3

Colorful Bell, Great Sound

Miracle Star, Time Caster

Doremi Redo, Time 1

Team Doremi's Light Spirit Go!












Mark of Team Doremi



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Manny duels Prince Maurice in the Nature CivilizationEdit

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Revolution XEdit

In the Revolution X, A new civilization is threatening the Human Realm known as Generic civilization coming from the Veil on over such negative impact but the reason They come it because the cause of responsibility for making not good analysis upon themselves

But the Monarch of Generic civilization came to the Human side of The Veil with his follow Generic creatures during Kino and Kubinashi's wedding Manny was there with Doremi on Breaker's arrival for who to blame why there no such thing as a civilization named Generic doesn't exist which this anger Lord Breaker and put his hatred towards one of the students in the Doremi-Tatsurbub High and of course it gonna be the Son of Infernus himself

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Hyperspatial Grip White Red Hole - Manny's main spell

Impact of Heavenly Violence - Manny's Light and Fire spell

Force Field  - Manny's Shield spell

Hell's Scrapper - Manny's Fire spell

Zodiac Dragon's Roar - Manny's Zodiac spell

Sunstrike - Manny's Light and Fire spell

Restrain - Manny's Light spell

Solar Flare Helix - Manny's Light and Fire spell

Oneshot Flame - Manny's Fire spell

Ghastly Drain - Manny's Darkness spell

Heaven's Gate - Manny's Light spell

Bottle of Wishes - Manny's Water spell

Holy Awe - Manny's Light spell

Phantom Beast Flame Dance - Manny's Fire spell

Hyperspatial Storm Hole - Manny's Fire spell

Mechadragon's Breath - Manny's Fire spell

Power of Our Friendship! - Manny's Light, Water and Nature spell

Comet Missile - Manny's Fire spell

Nothing Zero, Secret Destruction - Manny's Zero spell

Hyperspatial Shiny Hole - Manny's Light spell

Kankuro Blaster - Manny's Nature spell

Energy Stream - Manny's Water spell

Skeleton Vice - Manny's Darkness spell

Protective Force - Manny's Light spell

Last Violence - Manny's Light, Water, Darkness, Fire and Nature spell

Magic Shot - Glory Gate - Manny's Light spell

Super Spark - Manny's Light spell

Wing Spark, Secret Safeguard - Manny's Light spell

Absolute Darkness - Manny's Darkness spell

Absolute Incineration - Manny's Fire spell

Swift Regeneration - Manny's Nature spell

Banishment - Manny's Banish spell

Temporary Evolution - Manny's Evolution spell

Summon Spirits - Manny's Summoning spell

Liquid Compulsion - Manny's Water spell

Veil Creation - Manny's Veil Creation spell

Radiant Purification - Manny's Light spell

Lightning Release - Radiant Shock - Manny's Light spell

Storm Release - Liquid Shock - Manny's Storm spell

Fire Release - Fire Cross X Slash - Manny's Fire spell

Spell Drain - Manny's Draining spell

Rainbow Arrow - Manny's Light spell

Rain of Arrows - Manny's Light spell

Blaze Release - Blazing Blade - Manny's Blaze spell

Magnet Release - Magnetized Floor - Manny's Magnet spell

Magnet Release - Magnetized Push Throw - Manny's Magnet spell

Lava Release - Lava Burst - Manny's Lava spell

Heaven's Thunder - Manny's Light spell

Shining Release - Shining Slash - Manny's Shining spell

Spirit Release: Guardian Leviathan - Manny's Spirit spell

Light Release - Blinding Brightlight - Manny's Light spell

Radiation Release - Radiant Slash - Manny's Radiant spell

Heaven Release - Haven Storm Dust - Manny's Heaven spell

Cloud Release: Baby Cloud Sleep Dust - Manny's Cloud spell

Sky Release: Sky God Hail - Manny's Sky spell

Creation Release: Elemental Typhoon - Manny's Creation spell

Compulsion Release: Liqiud Fumes Smell - Manny's Compulsion spell

Incineration Release: The Dart of Flames - Manny's Incineration spell

Purification Release: Young of Age - Manny's Incineration spell

Dragon Release: Dragon Waterball - Manny's Dragon spell

Regeneration Release: Pure Healing of Life - Manny's Regeneration spell

Absolute Release: Vice Fumes - Manny's Absolute spell

Mystic Release: Mystical Darts - Manny's Mystic spell

Cinder Fist - Manny's Fire spell

Lightning Punch - Manny's Lightning spell

Unison Raid - Manny's Combine spell

Moonlight Flash - Manny's Light spell

Sky Lightning Typhoon - Manny's Unison Spell

Light Beam - Manny's Light spell

Light Shield - Manny's Light spell

Fire Bullet - Manny's Fire spell

Drill Storm - Manny's Fire spell

Creation Release: Plush Doll Toy - Manny's Creation spell

Blood Art: Blood Punch - Manny's Blood spell

Blood Release: Blooded Thorn Darts - Manny's Blood spell

Blood Lightning Typhoon - Manny's Unison spell

Magic Shot - Glory Gate - Manny's Light spell

Magic Shot - Dual Zanzibar - Manny's Darkness spell

Lightning Vortex - Manny's Lightning spell

Diva Live, Light Weapon Trick - Manny's Light spell

Conflict of Defense and Slashing - Manny's Light and Fire spell

Golden Dragon's Roar - Manny's Golden spell

Golden Victory, Secret Ogre - Manny's Zero spell

Lightning Blade - Manny's Lightning spell

Fate - Manny's Zero spell

Zodiac Dragon's Claw - Manny's Zodiac spell

Absorb - Manny's Absorbing spell

Dragon's Breath - Manny's Fire spell

Transformation: Dragon - Manny's Transformation spell

Thunder God's Wrath - Manny's Thunder spell

Clash Overload - Manny's Clash spell

Beast Arm: Celestial Dragon - Manny's Beast spell

Beast Soul: Celestial Dragon - Manny's Beast spell

Animal Soul: Dragon - Manny's Animal spell

Dragon's Eye - Manny's Eye spell

Dragon Force - Manny's Force spell

Centurion Law - Manny's Law spell

Vortex Evolution - Manny's Evolution spell

Mega Evolution - Manny's Evolution spell

Wind Spinner - Manny's Arderial spell

Solar Flare - Manny's Solar spell

Photon Slicer - Manny's Photon spell

Joan Spark, Continuous Chant - Manny's Light spell

Ice Blade - Manny's Water spell

Creature Fusion - Manny's Fusion spell

Manny's Ultimate SpellsEdit

War Fist - Manny's War spell

Tumble Weed - Manny's Terra spell

Zodiac Dragon's Celestial Barrage - Manny's Zodiac spell

Flooding - Manny's Sea spell

Nail Rain - Manny's Metal spell

Manny's EvolutionsEdit


Manny, the Ghost Swashbuckler "Nura Clan's Dual Fighter"

Manny, the Master of Metallic Swashbuckler "Shikoku's Dual Swashbuckler Revolution"




Manny's TransformationsEdit

Orion Manny, Radiant Fury

Gaial Ore Manny, Master of Five Civilizations

Gregar Beast Manny

Manny the Ethereal, Number 46 Unit

Orange Rocket

Yellow Drill

Cyan Laser

Pink Spikes

Thunder Zerker Manny

Green Hover

Black Bomb

Violet Void

Magenta Rhythm > Melody Rhythm Manny

Wood Ninja Manny

Crimson Eagle

Ninja Saurian Manny

Grey Quake

Green Dragon Manny

Red Burst

Blue Cube

Indigo Asteroid

Ivory Lightning

Purple Frenzy

Ice Pegasus Manny

Fire Saurian Manny

Solar Blazing Manny

Fire Leo Manny

Saurian Ninja Manny

Cyber Lord Manny

Ninja Zerker Manny

Zerker Ninja Manny

Omega Max Manny

Saurian Zerker Manny

Zerker Saurian Manny

Falzar Beast Manny

Manny's Battle MachinesEdit

River Dragon

Golden Guardian

Thunder Fury ( damaged by Doctor Umbral )

Manny's Cross GearsEdit

Heavenly Gear - Daylight Deity - Manny's main cross gear

Quake Staff - Manny's Darkness cross gear

Ice Lance - Paladin Spear - Manny's Water cross gear

Shining Defense - Manny's Light cross gear

Emerald Claw - Manny's Nature cross gear

Fire Blade - Manny's Fire cross gear

Glorious Heaven's Arm - Manny's Light cross gear

Master Weapon - All Yes - Manny's Light and Darkness cross gear

Flame Sword - Pierce Accela - Manny's Fire cross gear

Reverse Armor - Manny's Light cross gear

Dragon Gear - Samurai Legend - Manny's Fire cross gear

Holy Gear - Nebula Wing - Manny's Light cross gear

Neo Wave Catastrophe - Manny's Light and Water cross gear

Wicked Fan - Night Breeze - Manny's Darkness cross gear

Demonic Protector - Manny's Darkness cross gear

Thunder Blade – Bushido Spirit - Manny's Fire cross gear

Wind Blade – Kamikaze Spirit - Manny's Fire cross gear

Final Dragarmor - Manny's Fire cross gear

Manny's Dragheart WeaponsEdit

Urovelia, Divine Dragon Spear - Manny's main dragheart weapon

Perfect, Immortal Lance - Manny's Light dragheart weapon


Barracuda Blade: As a duelist, Manny equip his Barracuda Blade on his back side of the pants in combat to kill off his opponents by slashing and fighting with the Blade itself but and even also Manny was able to fight Orochimaru in battle combat between Leviathan Clan and the Orochi Clan as even but that the Barracuda Blade has an powerful attack to destroy his enemies in duel or combat

Kaijudo Temple Sword: Manny weld the Sword of Kaijudo Temple for by slashing his enemies in combat and even as that the Sword can use a powerful attack in battle or duel but and also have the ability to summon any creatures from every civilization when the Welder went to summon from the Veil

Light Civilization Card Holder:

Claws Wristbands:

Dueling Gauntlet: Manny must wear his Dueling Gauntlet at all times where is in Duel or in the Kaijudo Temple's Arena and even visitng the Kaiju Realm for often but as that any duelists wears Gauntlets for any duels while in combat with their opponent and have a ability to draw mana in them to summon creatures and spells as they wish by during their dueling combats

Gold Gauntlet:

Hidden Cloud City Anti Akatsuki Headband:

Astral Force Chest Plate:

Celestial Spirit Gate Keys:

Kumoga Jonin Flak Jacket:

The Gauntlet:

Ultra Dragon Chest Armor:


KaijuMorph: KaijuMorph allows Manny transform into Kaijudo Centurion Yellow, by saying "KAIJUDO MORPH!, name your civilization CLASH!"

Mode FormsEdit

  • Doron Go Mode: This mode allows Manny change into Doron Go Kaijudo Centurion Yellow, when morphing into an Doron Go Centurion, the user will able to say "KAIJUDO MORPH, DORON GO MODE!" while being transformed to Doron Go Centurions
  • Golden Dragon Master Mode: This mode allows Manny change into Golden Dragon Master which was taught by Tiera in the episode "Manny and the Armor of the Golden Dragon", He will able to say "KAIJUDO GOLDEN DRAGON MASTER MODE!" while being transform into Golden Dragon Master, Manny able used the mode to defeat Wuya and Chase with alongside his Golden Dragon Slayer spells in combat and but even which that the mode can do amount of damage to the enemy by using an Melee attack or spell to range of mana power that the Opponent uses in battle
  • Kaijudo Dragon Master Mode: This mode allows Manny change into Kaijudo Dragon Master Centurion Yellow, when morphing into an Kaijudo Dragon Master Centurion, the user will able to say "KAIJUDO MORPH, KAIJUDO DRAGON MASTER MODE!" while being transformed to Kaijudo Dragon Master Centurion
  • Kaijudo Legendary Mode: This mode allows Manny change into Kaijudo Legendary Centurion Yellow, when morphing into an Kaijudo Legendary Centurion, the user will able to say "KAIJUDO MORPH, KAIJUDO LEGENDARY MODE!" while being transformed to Kaijudo Legendary Centurions
  • Kaijudo Gachinko Judge Mode: This mode allows Manny change into Kaijudo Gachinko Judge Centurion Yellow which was taught by Eternal Haven in the episode "Dragon Attribute War", when morphing into an Kaijudo Gachinko Judge Centurion, the user will able to say "KAIJUDO MORPH, KAIJUDO GACHINKO JUDGE MODE!" while being transformed to Kaijudo Gachinko Judge Centurion
  • Kaijudo Olympian Mode: This mode allows Manny change into Kaijudo Olympian Centurion Yellow, when morphing into an Kaijudo Olympian Centurion, the user will able to say "KAIJUDO MORPH, KAIJUDO OLYMPIAN MODE!" while being transformed to Kaijudo Olympian Centurions
  • Kaijudo Asgardain Mode: This mode allows Manny change into Kaijudo Asgardian Centurion Yellow, when morphing into an Kaijudo Asgardian Centurion, the user will able to say "KAIJUDO MORPH, KAIJUDO ASGARDIAN MODE!" while being transformed to Kaijudo Asgardian Centurions

Celesital KeysEdit

Virgo - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Sagittarius - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Aries - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Capricorn - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Cancer - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Taurus - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Aquarius - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Leo - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Gemini - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Pisces - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Libra - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Scorpio - Manny's Gold Celestial Key

Lyra - Manny's Silver Celestial Key

Orion - Manny's Silver Celestial Key

Draco - Manny's Bronze Celestial Key ( thrown in the ocean by Manny )

Lupus - Manny's Silver Celestial Key

Aquila - Manny's Silver Celestial Key

Columba - Manny's Silver Celestial Key

Andromeda ( Celestial Spirit ) - Manny's Silver Celestial Key

Crux - Manny's Silver Celestial Key

Manny Clan Class MastersEdit

Master NigelEdit

Master TieraEdit

Master ChavezEdit

Master YangchenEdit




Master RokuEdit





Master NadiaEdit

Master JahaEdit

Master KimoraEdit


Kaijudo City CitizensEdit

Blue DiamondEdit

Manny is the close relationship with Blue Diamond during the after Rei Clans defeat but as defined was able by learning the experience of the lost She loves important to her in episode "Dream That Manny HasManny revealed to her that felt the same lost He loves which is a level of disrespect from his human friends for not being famous since after the VIP award night

Which as seems that They have in common but Blue Diamond realized that Manny has communication with Gems as definitely advice on something even talked about, Manny and her are close to each other to felt a same lost was usual without Eon his uncle or Yellow Diamond noticing by their frist meeting

Crystal GemsEdit

Celestial SpiritsEdit


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Lapis LazuliEdit




Young Kaijudo Dragons StudentsEdit









Meta KnightEdit



Allies and RivalsEdit
























"Imaginator Of Light!, Centurion Yellow!"

"Lock On, Centurion Imaginitized!" -transforming into Imaginator Centurion Yellow