"You Know You Could Have My Nature Cards To Get Your Light And Fire Cards Back From Her...Hey Maybe You Will Just Give A Shot"

Ashley is the most powerful fighter in the Team and also She's can fight with her Dueling Powers and also She and Trixie was good friends in Kaijudo Arts School and also her master, Master Kimora told her that She will use her Nature Power to defeat Darkspella and also She battles aside with Gaeason and She was the Sister of Skylar

Ashley have the Wild Veggies Cards to defeat her enemy and also She's helped Protect the Queen from Thunder and also was very nice Member in the Team and also She was the Centurion of Wheat and even also She was the Daughter of Almighty Colossus and Mera

Ashley ProfileEdit

Name: Ashley Rowan

City: Winter Park

State: Florida



Civilization: Nature Nature

Race: Human

Clans: Nature Nature


Mera Rowan ( Mother )

Almighty Colossus ( Father )

Skylar Rowan ( Brother )

Gaeason ( Pet )

Professor Rowan ( Grandfather )







Nyandake, Prairie Dreamer ( partner )

Queen Maiden, the Eternal

Decoy Totem

One-Eye Lu Pine

Cauldron Shell

Coral Jel

Nostalgia Fish

Cobalt Eagle ( for the Gray Sol Emerald only )

Tra Rion, Penumbra Guardian

Geo Ohzeki Hamlet

Massive Attack, Battle Attacking Right God

Matthew Stewart, Wild Beast

Carrier Shell

Boomerang Totem

1st Lt. Pen Pen, Special Forest Commander

Boltas, Forest of Knowledge

Kaiman, Temporal Flower


Ashley uses Nature civilizations deck. her deck was called Tree of Life.

Episode AppearanceEdit

Skyler Did Not Good In NatureEdit


Soulswap - Ashley's main spell

Summon Spirits - Ashley's summoning spell

Ashley's Cross GearsEdit

Ogre Gear - Ogre Fist - Ashley's main cross gear

Leopard Glory Sword - Ashley's Nature cross gear

Ashley Clan Class MastersEdit