Andromeda 2
"I Know That You Have Not See Your Family..But We Will See Them Again"

Andromeda is the Aethiopia Princess from Greece Island and also She was one of the Nature Clans who works for Master Kimora and as also She was the Daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Casseopeia and also She helped Beracules off lt's feet

She was very good take care of Beracules and also her partner was Razorquill was with her support and also She was the Wife of Beracules and the Mother of Melomelody and Berasurion

Andromeda ProfileEdit

Name: Andromeda

City: Winter Park

State: Florida

Attribute: Kaijudo Dragons

Civilization: Nature Nature/Fire Fire

Race: Human

Clans: Nature Nature

Secondary Clans: Fire Fire


Razorquill and Berseus ( Pets )

King Cepheus ( Father )

Queen Casseopeia ( Mother )

Prince Phineus ( Uncle )

Beracules Garcia ( Husband )

Melomelody Garcia ( Daughter )

Berasurion ( Son )

Hydrosmith Garcia, Wararmor Garcia, Wardenmight Garcia, Rayden Garcia, Bacchusbolt Garcia, Rafire Garcia, Demsis Garcia, Hissy Garcia, Ignitus Garcia and Bestia Garcia ( Brothers-In-Law )

Sirenwinga Garcia, Gregoria Garcia and Medusasnake Garcia ( Sisters-In-Law )

Headstrong Wanderer ( Mother-In-Law )

Napalmion the Conquering ( Father-In-Law )

Moorna ( Sister-In-Law )

Prickleback ( Brother-In-Law )

Razorhide ( Brother-In-Law )



Fuuma Bajir, Soul Weapon


Episode AppearanceEdit

A Day of the WeddingEdit